We have a large fleet with drivers, so our rental scaffolding and other scaffolding-related equipment transportation options are practically unlimited not only in Lithuania, but also in all Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

Delivery of scaffolding and other associated goods

  • We import and export scaffolding of various sizes (modular, facade, aluminum towers), from the smallest tower to very large amounts.
    • The transportable scaffolding is loaded and unloaded by our company’s workers. This is an important circumstance that we suggest to always clarify before ordering transportation services in other transportation companies.
    • Ordering specialized scaffolding transportation services with us is more expeditious and cheaper than using general transportation companies.
  • We transport scaffolding and other equipment we rent and sell (building fences, linings for foundation and overlay of walls or floors) with the following special transport:
    • Platform trucks
    • Cargo-side vehicles
    • A manipulator with a long arrow if the customer does not have the ability to unload by hand.

Transport booking and prices

  • We coordinate the scaffolding rental and transport booking by phone +370 616 962 90 or via e-mail [email protected] , Therefore, you do not need to drive or worry about anything.
  • In Vilnius city we transport scaffolding and other cargo from 25 Eur.
  • Transportation prices to other areas of Lithuania and abroad depends on location, distance, size and quantity of goods transported.

Safe work for you with „Tvirtas sukibimas“ scaffolding delivered promptly.