We set up MB „Tvirtas sukibimas“ and started our scaffolding rental business in 2014 with the necessary expertise and experience with scaffolding for several years. Today (May 2021) our company’s managers and installers have already accumulated over 10 (ten) years of valuable know-how on all issues of scaffolding and parts of scaffolding rented and sold by our company: delivery, installation, dismantling, consulting.

The name „Tvirtas sukibimas“ refers to the main focus and essence of the quality of the service: the scaffolding itself is firmly and safely installed and it is also firmly, reliably and securely attached to the walls of buildings. The company’s name, as the most important feature of scaffolding itself, has been dictated by our long-standing specialization, responsible attitudes towards the customer and love for our work.

Scaffolding rental, trade and all related services

We provide all services related to scaffolding, from renting and selling scaffolding and their separate parts to consulting, delivery, installation instructions or scaffolding installation. You can buy facade and modular scaffolding and everything related to scaffolding: their covers, mounting tools, mobile fences for building site fencing, universal mobile aluminum towers, etc.

We deliver the rented and purchased scaffolding from our e-shop not only throughout Lithuania, but also in Latvia, Estonia and Scandinavian countries.

We rent a wide range of popular and in demand scaffolding systems in all cases for all construction work and all floors, from the construction, uplifting (renovation) of private 1-3 floors houses and other small works to a dozen floors of apartment buildings and public buildings. No construction or work at any height can go on without scaffolding.

We rent and sell only the highest quality, certified scaffolding equipment complying with international safety standards, manufactured by world-recognized companies. We update some of the scaffolding we rent every year, so you won’t find anything worn out and unusable with us. Individual scaffolding parts and mounting tools are available in the e-shop https://tspastoliai.lt/en/shop/

We provide all services together and separately. For example, we can only bring, transport, export scaffolding; only install and dismantle your own scaffolding or the ones rented in another company, etc. (Not all scaffolding companies provide other scaffolding services).

Scaffolding mounting and transportation services

At the customer’s request, we install all scaffolding, taking full responsibility for the safety and quality of the installation. If the client decides to install low scaffolding himself, we provide all the necessary information (schemes, drawings) and we also consult.

At the request of the customer, we provide scaffolding transportation services. When you finish your work, our workers dismantle the scaffolding and take it away, so you don’t have to worry about special transport, unloading when the scaffolding arrives or loading it when we arrive to take it away.

Expedition of scaffolding rental and associated services

We provide prompt service, so our company’s customers do not have to wait in any queues for ordering scaffolding, delivery or consulting. Providing simultaneous scaffold rental and other related services to at least 100 (one hundred) customers and adjusting our time to customer needs and time is allowed by the essential conditions MB „Tvirtas sukibimas“:

  • There is a wide range of scaffolding available and the amount of scaffolding
  • Our own car park with our company drivers
  • Staff experience, competence, fair work

We coordinate the rental order by phone +370 616 962 90 or via e-mail [email protected]

We bring all the necessary scaffolding equipment and take it away on our own. When unloading and loading equipment, we count together with you and sign an already agreed lease agreement, transfer-acceptance certificate and other documents. Therefore, you do not need to drive or worry about anything.

If you want to pick up scaffolding yourself or inspect it in a warehouse before renting it – you are always welcome in Vilnius str. 21, 14200 Putiniškės, Vilnius dist.

Prices are competitive, we apply discounts to regular customers.


Excellent results to you with „Tvirtas sukibimas“ scaffolding.