Modular scaffolding is an integral part of any construction or renovation of complex, exceptional, original and various special purpose objects (according to the CTR). These scaffoldings are also known as ring scaffolding or brick-building scaffolding due to their specific application to round-shaped buildings and their exclusive function, which is regulated every 0.5 m high and therefore inseparable from bricklaying works.

Modular scaffolding opens fantastic combinations of unlimited height and safe work

Universal application of modular scaffolding

The modular scaffolding is unchangeable where other scaffolding is insufficient, and in particular facade scaffolding, with which the modules can be fully combined and assembled. Because the same structural elements are suitable for assembly of both facade and modular scaffolding.

Modular scaffolding is used alone or assembled with facades when it is difficult to reach the required location of the object under construction or renovation, e.g.

  • the construction of bridges, round towers, where you have to work at very high altitudes and enter niches;
  • the installation of large outdoor scenes and stands;
  • construction and renovation of private and apartment buildings with particularly complex structures, high ceilings or high-altitude building facade elements. Thanks to their adjustable height, the modular scaffolding helps ensure the comfort and smooth operation of the bricklayers.
Modular scaffolding allows you to reach various places of different configurations of objects of different height, unusual for other scaffolding

Safety of modular scaffolding

Modular scaffolding, depending on its purpose, is manufactured in a particularly robust, durable and understandably safe manner and they are very convenient to walk on. Like all others, the modular scaffolding we rent is certified and meets all the safety requirements.

The company manufacturer has installed advanced manufacturing technologies, constantly updates and improves the range of its products and their quality. We update the range of scaffolding and check their condition each year, so we always ensure the safety of all scaffolding as well as modular scaffolding.

Despite the use of the modular scaffolding specifically for complex objects, their installation is only slightly more complicated than the facade scaffolding; it is enough to have a hammer and schemes to install the modular scaffolding. Therefore, our company’s modular scaffolding, rented for work with one – to two-story buildings, can also be installed by the customer according to the necessary information provided by us – mounting schemes, instructions and consultations.

To ensure the safety of scaffolding for higher buildings, we offer to install by experienced and licensed „Tvirtas sukibimas“ mounting specialists. Then we take full responsibility for the quality and safety of scaffolding installation.

Rental and prices of modular scaffolding

We offer very flexible conditions for the rental of modular scaffolding: we can rent both a complete set of modular scaffolding and individual parts thereof for different periods – from 1 (one) day to the duration of use required by the customer. Some scaffolding and its individual parts are also available in the e-shop, so it is rational for permanent construction companies to buy scaffolding in some cases.

Length and width of the scaffolding grounds: 3,07 m; 2,57 m; 2,07 m; 1,57 m; 1,09 m; 0,73 m;

Vertical stand height: 3,00 m; 2,00 m; 1,0 m. Every 0.5 m adjustable height, as an integral condition for working with brick buildings, always ensures the ability to brick the wall at comfortable altitudes along with the required height of scaffolding. That is, as the height of the brick wall rises, the height of the scaffolding is also increased.

Rental price from 2 EUR per 1 m2. + VAT, depending on:

  • season (scaffolding rental prices lower during winter);
  • location and access conditions of the facility;
  • the number of structural elements;
  • lease term (rental price for one day is lower for a longer period);
  • the number of scaffolding, depending on the size of the facility, in m2 of total wall area;

We always apply discounts to MB „Tvirtas sukibimas“ regular customers.


It’s very easy to rent modular scaffolding. The rental order can be arranged promptly not only upon arrival at our office at Vilnius str. 21, 14200 Putiniškės, Vilnius dist., but also by phone +370 616 962 90 or via e-mail [email protected] When unloading and loading equipment, we count together with you and sign an already agreed lease agreement, transfer-acceptance certificate and other documents. So you don’t need to drive anywhere.

If you want to pick up scaffolding yourself or inspect it in the warehouse before renting it, you are always welcome.

Quality work for you with exceptional objects and „Tvirtas sukibimas“ modular scaffolding.