We rent aluminum towers, like all other building scaffolding, only safe, modern, high-quality, manufactured in one of the world’s state-of-the-art specialized „Altrex“ Dutch factory for this purpose and meeting all the safety criteria:

• International Standard ISO 9001
• EU standard for safety requirements for mobile aluminum towers EN1004 and EN1298.

MB „Tvirtas sukibimas“ manufacturer of the rented building aluminum towers is „Altrex“, a Dutch company that has been working for more than 70 years. It’s an eloquent length of specialized experience. In addition to the self-evident high safety and durability standards, „Altrex“ focuses on the ergonomics of its products, and on the convenience of its use.

Aesthetic aluminum towers of all heights - lightness, mobility, safety, versatility and convenience of their use

Advantages of aluminum towers

Aluminum towers, due to their lightness, mobility, user comfort and other advantages, are very popular and demanding for many jobs performed up to 14.2 m high, both outside and inside buildings.

  • The aluminum towers are robust, light and compact in design. Unassembled towers can fit into a car trailer, making it convenient to bring back the customer himself. However, at the customer’s request, we can also bring them.
  • The towers are mounted on stable-lock brake wheels, making it easy to move this light, firmly connected scaffolding structure from place to place. This is particularly advantageous when changing the place of work if necessary.
  • Aluminum towers are exceptionally easy, quick and simple to assemble. They do not require any tools to install them, and the fixtures are put on according to the diagram. Aluminum towers – scaffolding that is easily assembled by the customer himself. Depending on the height, installation of this clear and simple structure can take 5 minutes.
  • Multi-purpose aluminum towers are suitable not only for a wide range of work on the outside of buildings, but also internally. Thanks to rapid delivery and rapid assembly of the structure, these towers are ideal not only for major construction or renovation work, but also for short-term work of one day or several hours. For example, cleaning up rain pipes, installing windows in balconies, etc.

Inside the buildings, these towers serve to all repairs to the ceilings and walls, and especially to tall buildings, a safe solution for cleaning lamps, hanging curtains, etc.

Robust, comfortable and safe lightweight aluminum towers – irreplaceable for indoor and outdoor work in private homes

Aluminum tower sizes, rental price

MB „Tvirtas sukibimas“ rented aluminum towers have a height of up to 14.2 m and a maximum load of up to 360 kg.

The rental price depends on the size and duration of the towers you rent. Renting for a longer period of time, the rent per day is lower than renting for a shorter period of time. In any case, the rental price of these high-quality towers is symbolic compared to their own price, so renting is a rational solution for individual, fixed-term and, in particular, short-term internal and external works of various buildings.

0,7 m wide aluminum towers rental price* for 1 day Eur excluding VAT

Standing height** 1 – 4 days Week Month
2 m 7,00 6,00 5,00
4 m 12,00 10,00 8,00
6 m 15,00 12,50 10,00


1,4 m wide aluminum towers rental price* for 1 day Eur excluding VAT

Standing height** 1 – 4 days Week Month
2 m 8,50 7,50 6,00
4 m 14,00 12,00 10,00
6 m 18,00 15,00 12,00

* Transportation services are not included in prices.

** Prices of aluminum towers above 6 m are adjusted according to the agreement.

*** Sundays and holidays are not counted.

We rent aluminum towers all over Lithuania, but we deliver them only in Vilnius, and we offer to bring them back from other parts of the country to the customer himself.

In any case, the rental of aluminum towers can be coordinated by telephone +370 616 962 90 or via e-mail [email protected] After ascertaining the needs, we prepare all documents (co-ordinated contract, transmission acts) and present them to the address indicated by you in Vilnius city together with the towers themselves. We are waiting for visitors from other parts of Lithuania in Vilnius str. 21, 14200 Putiniškės, Vilnius dist. together with prepared documents and ordered towers.

Smooth work for you with light, mobile and robust „Tvirtas sukibimas“ aluminum towers!