Installation and dismantling of building scaffolding is particularly high-responsibility work. So it can only be performed reliably, qualitatively and safely by specialists with the necessary qualifications. Construction scaffolding installation and dismantling works are regulated by legal acts.

Installation of construction scaffolding begins with a professionally prepared base – properly leveled, hard, without slope ground. Naturally, we can’t choose any soil or land surface at our discretion – the location of the scaffolding is at the walls of the object under construction. Therefore, the right fit of the base for installation, whether natural or made, must be assessed by a specialist.

Only the sky is usually higher above the head of the specialist who installs scaffolding, so those who do not have high-level skills are better off not risking

The stability of the scaffolding installed depends not only on the smooth course of construction work, but also on the safety, health and often life of the people doing the work. Incorrect scaffolding and non-compliance with safety requirements are the main causes of accidents in construction.

Who claims responsibility for the safety of scaffolding mounted by „Tvirtas sukibimas“?

Company „Tvirtas sukibimas“ unequivocally claims full responsibility for the safety of the scaffolding rented if it is installed by specialists of our company. At the customer’s request, we install scaffolding rented not only by ourselves but also by other companies, and also claim the same responsibility for their installation works. It should be noted that companies renting scaffolding do not all provide installation services.

After ordering the scaffolding installation service, scaffolding installation specialists with the required qualifications and experience arrive at a specific object. After detailed examination of the object, they assess optimum scaffolding installation possibilities and specific needs that are most often encountered by builders during work. The years of experience and expertise of scaffolding installers make it possible to foresee various specific surprises in the construction works of each object. Therefore, we install scaffolding in a way that ensures not only safe but also convenient work for builders.

Installation of building scaffolding at high altitudes, where behind your back there is only wide space and tree peaks – is the day-to-day work of professional installers, guaranteeing people's safety and life
    • All installation and dismantling works shall be valued at competitive market prices according to the complexity of the facility:
      • access to the facility;
      • the surface of the terrain at the site under construction, especially inequalities;
      • the size of the object and, in particular, its height.
    • After ordering the installation and dismantling of scaffolding, we perform the following works included in the price:
      • Provide transmission-acceptance acts, installation diagrams and schemes of equipment and work performed;
      • strictly adhere to the time limits for the works ordered and their stages;
      • we consult on all issues related to the use of scaffolding and deal with various other unforeseen issues arising from the rental, installation and dismantling of scaffolding.
  • At the customer’s request, we provide scaffolding resistance measurement and grounding protocols for earthing scaffolding from lightning discharges.


After ordering the installation and dismantling of construction scaffolding, there are no concerns before or after the start of the work. Once the object is done, all you have to do is let us know, and a qualified team of „Tvirtas sukibimas“ employees will dismantle and remove all scaffolding equipment when they arrive.

Can the customer assemble the scaffolding himself?

If the coordinator of construction of a private or multi-story building under construction decides to install scaffolding on his own merits, we are happy to provide all necessary information: training, consulting, preparation of all scaffolding assembling schemes and instructions required.

With this information, we recommend that the customer assemble the scaffolding safely at one or 2 (two) story buildings. However, the installation of scaffolding in multi-story buildings requires a qualified license and experience.

We coordinate the rental order by phone +370 616 962 90 or via e-mail [email protected]

We bring all the necessary scaffolding equipment and take it away on our own. When unloading and loading equipment, we count together with you and sign an already agreed lease agreement, transfer-acceptance certificate and other documents. Therefore, you do not need to drive or worry about anything.

If you want to pick up scaffolding yourself or inspect it in our warehouse before renting it – you are always welcome in Vilnius str. 21, 14200 Putiniškės, Vilnius dist.


Safe work to you with „Tvirtas sukibimas“ scaffolding!