The facade scaffolding is designed for more conventional outdoor building work without complex structures. As the name says, these scaffoldings are designed for work with roofs and facades of buildings: changing the roof coating, assembling the roof frame, insulation of roofs and walls, adjusting walls, painting, changing the exterior decor of the building, glazing or reinstalling balconies, and changing windows.

The rent of facade scaffolding fully meets the needs of both private homeowners and construction companies for the construction and renovation of private and public facilities for various purposes.

We rent facade scaffolding all year round for construction and renovation of both private and public buildings

We rent high quality steel galvanized L73 front scaffolding made in Germany and Poland. L73 scaffolding is the most popular facade scaffolding in all of Europe. Manufacturers have all the security certificates required in Europe and provide a warranty of at least 2 (two) years for metal fittings that meets the safety requirements.

It should be noted that the L73 scaffolding is compatible with layher, altrad, MJ, delta73, alfix systems.

Renovation of a commercial building with facade scaffolding. The building will be “sewn up” with sandwich panels

These are some of the lightest facade scaffolding, making it easy to transport, take to another construction site or install.

Facade scaffolding is very easy and simple to install because there are only a few key parts. Therefore, for one – to two-story buildings, the customer can also assemble them according to the installation instructions, schemes and drawings provided by us. To ensure the safety of scaffolding for higher buildings, we offer to install by experienced and licensed „Tvirtas sukibimas“ mounting specialists. Then we take full responsibility for the quality and safety of scaffolding installation.

  • We add a range of facade scaffolding and update some of the scaffolding itself every season. So we only rent slightly used scaffolding in good condition, and customers don’t have to work with outdated or worn scaffolding equipment.
  • We can rent both full sets of scaffolding and individual parts of it.
  • All necessary facade scaffolding equipment can be brought back and returned by the customer himself or delivered throughout Lithuania and brought back from everywhere by us. We can bring small quantities on the same day, large quantities within a longer agreed time with the customer.
  • The facade scaffolding is fully compatible with the modular scaffolding. This would mean that the same structural elements could be used to install both facade scaffolding and modular scaffolding.
We rent facade scaffolding of unlimited height and width – what is the area of the walls of the house, that much m2 scaffolding is needed.

Facade scaffolding sizes, rental price

Lengths of scaffolding grounds: 3,07 m, 2,57 m, 2,07 m, 1,57 m, 1,09 m, 0,73 m, width 0,73 m

Height: 2,00 m, 1,00 m, 0,66 m. We have rented and installed facade scaffolding for renovation of 12 story apartment buildings. However, if necessary, we can also install on higher buildings.

Maximum load 200 kg/m2

Rental price from 0,60 EUR/month + 21 % VAT, depending on:

  • season (scaffolding rental prices lower during winter);
  • assemblies;
  • term of lease (we rent for varying periods of time – for short and longer periods);
  • the amount of scaffolding, depending on the size of the object.

We always apply discounts to MB „Tvirtas sukibimas“ regular customers.


We coordinate the rental order by phone +370 616 962 90 or via e-mail [email protected]

We bring all the necessary scaffolding equipment and take it away on our own. When unloading and loading equipment, we count together with you and sign an already agreed lease agreement, transfer-acceptance certificate and other documents. Therefore, you do not need to drive or worry about anything.

If you want to pick up scaffolding yourself or inspect it in a warehouse before renting it – you are always welcome in Vilnius str. 21, 14200 Putiniškės, Vilnius dist.

Quality work to you with „Tvirtas sukibimas“ scaffolding!